Business Impact Analysis

Our Business Impact Analysis (BIA) will help your organization gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential impact of disruptions. Our BIA services empower you to proactively identify critical processes, dependencies, and vulnerabilities, allowing you to strategically plan and fortify your business continuity efforts.


A Business Impact Analysis is the cornerstone of effective business continuity planning. It provides valuable insights into the potential consequences of disruptions, enabling you to allocate resources, develop mitigation strategies, and ensure the continuity of your essential operations.


At ISO in a DASH, we take a holistic approach to Business Impact Analysis. Our experienced team collaborates closely with your organization to conduct a thorough assessment of your processes, dependencies, and potential risks. Through meticulous analysis, we help you understand the impact of disruptions on your organization’s operations, finances, reputation, and stakeholders.

Process Identification

We identify and prioritize critical processes that are vital to your organization’s operations.

Dependency Mapping

We map out the interdependencies between processes, systems, and resources.

Impact Assessment

Our analysis quantifies the potential financial, operational, and reputational impact of disruptions.

Resource Allocation

BIA guides resource allocation, ensuring effective continuity planning.

Mitigation Strategies

We recommend tailored mitigation strategies to minimize the impact of disruptions.


Informed Decision-Making

Make strategic decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of potential risks and consequences.

Resilience Enhancement

Strengthen your organization’s ability to respond and recover from disruptions.

Resource Optimization

Allocate resources effectively to ensure essential processes are maintained.

Stakeholder Confidence

Demonstrate your commitment to preparedness and safeguarding stakeholder interests.

Partner with ISO in a DASH for ISO 22301 Implementation

Partnering with ISO in a DASH means partnering with experts who are committed to your organization’s resilience. Our Business Impact Analysis services provide you with actionable insights and strategies to navigate disruptions effectively. With ISO in a DASH by your side, you can face challenges with confidence.

ISO 9001 Consulting

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