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ISO 22301 Certification

At ISO in a DASH, we believe ISO 22301 Certification signifies more than a milestone—it embodies your dedication to continually keeping systems running to meet business and client’s needs. Our ISO 22301 Certification Consultants streamline a 7-step process, delivering a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS) for continual improvement and excellence.

Why choose ISO 22301 certification?

Enhanced Security

Optimize resource management and streamline processes for heightened security from ISO 22301 certification.

Uniform Protection

Deliver consistent services and products, building trust and satisfaction among staff, customers and clients.

Market Advantage

Stand out with a recognized ISO 22301 certification, showcasing your commitment to secure information handling.

Informed Decisions

Utilize data-driven insights for better decision-making and improved resilience of key business systems.

What is the process for ISO 22301 certification?

ISO 22301

Initial Assessment​

Evaluate existing processes and systems to understand strengths and areas for improvement.

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Gap Analysis

Identify gaps between your practices and ISO 22301 requirements, paving the implementation path.

ISO 27001 implementation

Action Plan

Collaborate on an action plan addressing gaps while aligning with strategic objectives.

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Policy Development

Create policies adhering to ISO 22301, supporting your business objectives.

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Document Process

Organize and manage crucial process documentation for easy access and traceability.

Process Optimisation

Staff Awareness

Empower your team with skills for effective BCMS implementation and maintenance.

ISO 9001 internal audits

Internal Audits​

Regular audits assess BCMS effectiveness, pinpointing areas for continual improvement.

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Get readiness assessments for a smooth certification process.

What documents are required for ISO 22301 certification?

BCMS Policy

A formal statement outlining the organization’s commitment to business continuity management.

Continuity Processes

Documented procedures that support your business continuity plan requirements.

Business Continuity Plan

Instructions for executing recovery tasks for key staff sand suppliers.

BCMS Documents

Results from internal assessments evaluating the BCMS effectiveness.

Audit Reports

Regular auditing with reports to verify that the management system meets business needs.

Monitoring Evidence

Records or data illustrating how the organization monitors its systems and processes.

What is the cost of ISO 22301 certification?

Consultant costs

Consultant fees can vary from consultant to consultant, and is often an indication of the level of expertise and knowledge of a consultant, although not always. Fees can range from £300 to as much as a £1000 a day and depending on the size of your business could be many more days. 

Internal Costs

Most Management Systems take anywhere from from 5 or more days to implement, depending on the consultant, business, etc. However, if you do have an internal resource allocated to the work required this may reduce the cost and time involved to implement.

Assessment body costs

Don’t forget external assessment costs. This can range from around £800 a day to as much as £1500 a day. It is also impacted by your business size, number of sites, etc so its best to get multiple quotes from various bodies. Also, some bodies are of a higher certification level than others.

ISO 22301 Implementation Support

ISO in a Dash specializes in ISO 22301 consultancy, implementation, and certification. Our tailored approach ensures ISO 22301 certification aligns with your needs. Let us elevate your organization towards information security excellence. Contact us to begin your ISO 22301 journey today.

Speak to us about our simple 7 or 10-point plans for easy implementations.

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