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Business Impact Analysis

To ensure you implement a successful Business Continuity System, its usually advised to start with a BIA or Business Impact Analysis. Our Business Impact Analysis (BIA) will help your organization gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential impact of disruptions. An initial assessment empowers you to understand weaknesses, identify critical processes, and fortify your business continuity and elevate your preparedness for interruptions.


At ISO in a DASH, we adopt a holistic approach to Business Impact Analysis, particularly when aligning with ISO 22301. Our seasoned team collaborates closely with your organization, conducting a meticulous assessment of your processes, dependencies, and potential risks. Through thorough analysis, we provide insights into the financial, operational, and reputational impacts of disruptions on your organization’s operations, finances, reputation, and interested parties and stakeholders.

Process Identification

Informed guidance for effective continuity planning, ensuring ISO 22301-aligned resource allocation.

Dependency Mapping

Chart intricate interdependencies among processes, systems, and resources, meeting ISO 22301 standards.

Impact Assessment

Precisely quantify potential financial, operational, and reputational impacts, adhering to ISO 22301 criteria

Resource Allocation

Informed guidance for effective continuity planning, ensuring ISO 22301-aligned resource allocation.

Mitigation Strategies

Craft tailored strategies to minimize the impact of disruptions, aligning with ISO 22301 business continuity management standards.

BCP Plan

We advise and assist to craft a Business Continuity Plan to meet ISO 22301 requirements and secure assets.

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Our Services

Resilience Enhancement

Strengthen your ability to respond and recover from disruptions.

Informed Decision-Making

Strategize with a comprehensive understanding of risks and consequences.

Resource Optimization

Allocate resources effectively to maintain essential processes.

Stakeholder Confidence

Demonstrate commitment to preparedness and safeguard stakeholder interests.

Partner with ISO in a DASH for ISO 22301 Implementation

Partnering with ISO in a DASH means partnering with experts who are committed to your organization’s resilience. Our Business Impact Analysis services provide you with actionable insights and strategies to navigate disruptions effectively. With ISO in a DASH by your side, you can face challenges with confidence.

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