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ISO 22301 Implementation

At ISO in a Dash, we specialize in assisting clients in building robust Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS) that seamlessly align with ISO 22301 Implementation standard requirements. Our expert guidance transforms challenges into strengths, paving the way for ISO 22301 certification, boosting confidence, and ensuring enduring resilience.

Why consider ISO 22301 implementation?

ISO 22301 implementation and certification signifies your organization’s commitment to safeguarding its ability to operate and serve customers during adverse events. By implementing ISO 22301, you can benefit from the following:

Enhanced Business Continuity

Develop a comprehensive and structured approach to ensure your business can withstand and recover from disruptions.

Risk Reduction

Identify potential threats and vulnerabilities, implementing measures to mitigate their impact.

Customer Trust

Assure your customers and stakeholders of your dedication to delivering uninterrupted services.

Regulatory Compliance

Align your organization with business continuity best practices and regulatory requirements.

Competitive Advantage

ISO 22301 certification sets you apart as a reliable and resilient partner in your industry.


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Our ISO 22301 Implementation Approach

At ISO in a DASH, we understand that every organization faces unique challenges. Our ISO 22301 implementation process is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your business continuity objectives are met seamlessly. Here’s how we achieve it:

ISO 9001 internal audits

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Our experts will conduct a BIA to identify critical processes and their dependencies, enabling effective continuity planning.

Business Continuity Management

Risk Assessment

We’ll work closely with your team to assess risks and develop mitigation strategies to enhance your organization’s resilience.

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BCMS Design​

Our consultants will guide you in designing your Business Continuity Management System to meet business needs.

ISO 27001 Gap Analysis

BCP Documentation

We guide you through preparing a Business Continuity Plan covering the areas discovered in the BIA, assessment and design.

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Training and Awareness​

Implement a robust set of security controls to safeguard your critical information and infrastructure.

Quality Management

Testing and Exercising​

We’ll assist you in conducting tests and exercises to validate the effectiveness of your business continuity plans.

ISO 27001 implementation

Monitoring and Review​

Establish mechanisms to continually monitor and review your BCMS to ensure its meeting ongoing relevance and effectiveness.

Business Continuity Management

Certification Readiness​

As you approach certification, we’ll conduct readiness assessments to ensure a successful certification process.

Partner with ISO in a DASH for ISO 22301 Implementation

With our expertise in business continuity and ISO 22301 implementation, ISO in a DASH is your trusted partner in safeguarding your organization’s ability to thrive amidst disruptions. Let us help you develop a resilient and reliable Business Continuity Management System.

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